Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Aasal - The Power of Silence


1. Ajith

Thala being the biggest strength throughout, managed to carry the whole movie in his shoulder. Ajith shined in the father role that comes around the first 15 minutes. Be it the body language of an old man or behaviour of a sick man, Ajith pulled it off with ease. It's clear that there's a hidden actor in him waiting to be unleashed.
As for the son Ajith, it's all about style. Nobody will deny that this man redefines style with his mind blowing screen presence, in current crop of actors of Kollywood.

2. Editing/Camerawork

Hats off to Anthony for the excellent editing. His hardwork is visible all the way. It's a welcome change to witness trimmed songs in Aasal. Yes, the editor has trimmed the songs except for 'Tottodoing' song. 'Engey Engey' is completely removed. Be it songs or stunts or talkie portions, his editing is crispy and perfect for an action movie.
Next, Nirav's assistant, Prashanth D.Misale sure to go places after this. France and Malaysia is beatifully captured in his camera lense. Both editing and camerawork definately elevates the whole film to a greater next level.

3. Background Score/Re-recording/Songs

I found the background score is apt for the movie. Baradhwaj tries not to remind Ajithfans about Billa's background score. At certain places, background score ala James bond theme could have been avoided. His re-recording that involves engines sounds, gun shots etc etc are neatly done.

4. Stunts

Fight sequences play a major role in any action flick. In Aasal too, stunts are the major elements. Very interesting and innovative stunt sequences. Kudos to all stunt choreographers involved. Aasal scores more in this department.

5. Casting/Comedy

There are totally five villains and two heroines. Casting seems to be good with all of them having their own moments. Quite good to see everyone is having equal footage. On the other hand, a slight dissapoinment for Prabhu fans. Basically, he has nothing much to do except for making a cameo since Aasal is from his production house. Yugi sethu as Don Samsa evokes laughers. Not overly done yet effective comedy tracks that comes along with the screenplay and not as seperate portions, need a special mention.


1. Screenplay/Story

Screenplay seems to be the one and only huge problem for Aasal. The screenplay falls flat all the way. Audience might feel difficult to attach to it. Even the twists are not at all shown in a suspenseful manner and lacks impact/punch. As far as the story concern, it is the same old 'beaten to death' revenge story. It seems the director and Ajith wanted to keep it that way so that audiences from any centre will not face problem in comprehending it. It is good in trying to cover everyone, but there should be enough room for basic plot. At the same time, all actors are given equal presence, so even the conversations among villains take up enough time to test audiences' patience.
Speaking of conversation, there is one between Bhavna and Sameera which last about 5 minutes, well taken and very impressive. It would have been awesome if the whole movie travels on that path keeping the audience thrilled at all time. For God's sake, it is an action film, all audience want is a gripping and mysterious screenplay. As pointed out earlier, the plot is old and medioacre, acceptable. Atleast the director should have concentrated on the presentation of it.

2. Ajith's weight

Although a little weight for Ajith seems to promote gangster look, without a doubt, it is a minus point when it comes to songs. It's very unpleasing to see Ajith dance with that kind of physical stucture.

3. Lacks Performance

As an Ajithfan, I always wanted Thala to act in performance oriented roles. Action flicks are not an exception in showing acting capability. It is all on the director's hand. Father Ajith does make an impact to a certain extent but it is obviously not enough for us.

As a whole, I'm deeply dissapointed after so much hype and waiting like more than a year. Ajith, the actor unquestionably doesn't deserve such script. I agree it is pretty much impossible to satisfy an Ajithfan like me. All I'm asking is a neat script that emphasize on performances more with the right mix of ingredients a normal moviegoer would hope for (i.e Vaali, Amarkalam, Villain and Billa).

P.S From my review, please don't get excited seeing plus points are more than minus points. My first minus point is sufficient enough to bring down any movie and yes, Aasal suffers from it's clutches pretty badly.

Tip: For those who has not watched Aasal yet, watch it with NIL expectations and accept it as it is. You might be satisfied with the product.

Aasal - Originality at it's stake


  1. Asal- a good story spoiled by a bad screenplay. When I watched Asal, I was disappointed to the core. The movie had a good story, then why not take it in a great way. Besides Ajith is a hero who is having a mass look. They do not need to overdose it with hyping Ajith in each & every scene. It had gone overboard when Sampath was shouting "Thala, Thala" during the interval. If they reduced such scenes, Asal might have been a great movie. But now, I'm disappointed.
    Fellow Yuvanian & friend,

  2. Nice review man!

    Surprised that you didn't like the movie, reviews were not bad actually. More than the story, the screenplay has to be good, otherwise movie will look bad. Technically it seems to be good though!
    Well, might watch the movie as you said with no expectations!


  3. have not seen the movie yet but nice to see a very neutral review from a hardcore thala fan like u ... i will surely watch the movie though fro ajith and sivaji productions....

  4. unbiased review indeed. Nice.

    Yet to watch it yoga :(

    Will watch it asap! :yes:

  5. I suppose I'll catch it in Tanggathirai or something. Why is it spelled Aasal...when in Tamizh it's Asal.

  6. good review... unbiased but true.... i accpet your comments about the movie...

  7. @Preetam
    The story is too week in the first place. Besides, I don't think they overdose it with Ajith... Each and every actors got equal footage. Agreed with u about the rest.

    Please do watch it without any expectations. You might like it. Let me know ur comments once you watched it.

    Thanks. Watch it, it's watchable. Do share with me ur take on it.

    I'm surprised u haven't watched it... Do it when time permits and let me know what u think.

    Must be numerology or astrology something... It was indeed Asal. Just lately it was changed. Let me know ur take once u watched it. I'm sure you will be dissapointed for Prabhu's role.

    @"ராஜா" from புலியூரான்
    Hope for the best in our next movie...

    To everyone - Thanks for dropping by. :)