Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Billa 2 - The Don Is Back...

Teaser Sets Record

Billa 2 teaser has made a huge impact all over Internet and it has taken youtube by a storm. This is a record on it's own as far as any South Indian movies are concerned. Not only for Ajith fans but the teaser without a doubt has raised curiosity as well as expectations among general public. The overall response is just sensational and this has made Blla 2 the most awaited film of the year.

The teaser which was released on 13th April at 7pm to be specific was indeed a special Thamil New Year gift to Ajith fans around the globe. The viewership counts have been growing and growing ever since it gets uploaded in youtube by producer, Mr.Sunir Kheterpal.

In the first few minutes, youtube view counts got stuck at 305, thanks to Ajithfans all over who thronged to the site to get a glimpse of our Thala. In the first 24 hours, the viewership crossed 3 lakhs with more than 4500 likes. There was no stopping there, it grew to 5 lakhs with more than 6000 likes in just 2 days. Third day witnessed a 7 lakhs hits with more than 7700 likes. After the so-called technical glitch for more than a day, the hit counts continued to grow and crossed 9 lakhs with 9000 likes in just 7 days. A phenomenal 1 million mark was achieved the very next day and the view counts are still growing. As of now, it has crossed 1.3 million hits with more than 9500 likes and this is by far a milestone for any Thamil movies teasers in near future.

At the same time, the teaser occupied the first slot of 'Top Trending Indian Video' for the first few days pushing Amir Khan's 'Satyamev Jayate' theme song to second. This is again another achievement which will be preserved in a very long time.

The Teaser - Technical Aspects

Speaking of the teaser, it is slick, stylish and uber-cool. Aided by the crisp editing, as it progresses, the increasing heartbeat in the background further adds soul to the fast-paced teaser. There is no denying that it's filled with mass elements but there is surely 'class' written all over it.
Be it the presentation, camerawork or lighting, the hard work of the entire team is crystal clear. Explosions seems real and interestingly, Billa 2 is the first ever Indian movie (at Asian level too) which had been shot using RED Epic. With it's pure magic, the camera brings the teaser to a different level and it's going to be a whole new experience for audience watching Billa 2 on big screen.

Not to forget, the stunts are going to be major highlight. Thanks to all the stunt coordinators involved who brought out the realistic and exciting daredevil stunt sequences throughout. The climax fight which had been shot on a chopper will be the highlight of Billa 2. For this, Thala has performed death defying stunt and it required Thala to hang out of the helicopter without any dupe. No joke, the sequence was shot at an altitude of over 1000 ft (10,000 feet from ground) and at a temperature about minus 5 degrees. The teaser did give a glimpse of this shot and watching the whole episode on big screen will easily leave the audience on goosebumps. Sure, this fight sequence is mouth-watering but taking the risk factors into considerations, these kind of  dangerous acts should be avoided. Generally, Ajith fans are expressing their concerns over this and they would not want Thala to attempt these kind of stunts ever at the expense of his own life. Hopefully, Thala will heed to fans' requests and avoid these kind of daredevil stunts in future.

Thala All The Way

Billa means Ajith, Ajith means Billa. The voice modulation and dialogue delivery when Thala utters the above mentioned dialogue is just a small evident that supports the fact that Thala has taken extra care to essay the role to perfection. Looks like Thala is all set to blaze the screen with his acting, style and sheer screen presence. Watch out for Thala to unveil a meaner and merciless performance in the form of Billa.

The tagline "Every Man Has A Past... Every Don, A History" is pretty much apt since this version of Billa will be talking about the journey of a common man who transforms himself to a powerful and dreaded don. Billa... David Billa... This has become a brand ala James Bond. Let's pray for Billa 2 to give a new dimension in Thala's career. Wishing Thala Ajith and the whole Billa 2 team a great success and may this movie sets a new benchmark for future Thamil movies on how a action-packed movie should be. benchmark/milestone.

Music and Background Score

Just like the earlier venture, music plays a major role in here too. The teaser starts off with the earlier Billa's theme in a slow and sad tone which emotes the pain Billa goes through at initial stages of his life. The teaser carries a score rich with grandness but thrilling as well as haunting feel could be felt towards the end. Background score and re-recording are another aspects to look out for. With Yuvan's midas touch all over, musical treat is guaranteed.

Fans' Reaction

Most importantly, it looks like a complete package for Ajithfans. Ajithfans are awestruck and satisfied by the teaser and the way the whole movie progressed from scratch. They are going gaga over teaser, which is visible via their remarks and comments on social networks. Thala's dialogue 'Dei, en vaazhkaila ovvoru naalum, ovvoru nimishamum, een ovvoru nodiyum naana sedukunadhu da' has been so viral on Ajith fans Facebook walls and twitter pages. The reach and reception is just unbelievable and this indicates the kind of huge fan base following our Thala.

Happy 12th Anniversary - April 24th

Herewith, on behalf of all Ajithians, I wish our Thala Ajith and Mrs.Ajith a Happy Anniversary. Life without love is a book without its words. May you and your beloved live like a complete story. :)

Happy 41st Birthday  - May 1st

Many more happy returns of the day Thala. May God showers you with more and more success and lots of happiness. :)
Sir, you have been a great role model to me throughout my life. From you, I have indirectly learnt and still learning how to live my life on my own terms with the 'Live and Let Live' principal.
Thank you for that and I'm really really proud to be your die hard fan. Thala Pola Varuma...

♥ உடல் மண்ணுக்கு உயிர் தல அஜித்திற்கு