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Thala's Mankatha - Music Review

Vilaiyaadu Mankatha
Singers: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Ranjith, Sucharitha, Anita, Premgi Amaren
Lyrics: Gangai Amaran, Sucharitha (Hindi), Yuvan Shankar Raja (English)

The purpose to release this track as solo is to give an overall idea about this prestigious project. It did, to a certain extent. I got to admit, this failed to impress me at first listen. Multiple listens did create an 'oomph' factor.
With the help of various instruments as well as combinations of voices, this is indeed the pick of the album, for me. It just grew in me and I have been humming the tune eversince. One thing is for sure, this track will set the local pubs on fire once the movie has released. Good job indeed.

Nee Naan
Singers: SP Charan, Bhavatharani
Lyrics: Niranjan Bharathi

This certainly belongs to melody genre. I heard this song brings together SP Charan and Bhavatharani combo for the first time, pretty interesting combo that is. I liked both the renditions and the track is soothing to ears. No doubt, it will be a hit among couples.

Vaada Bin Laada
Singers: Krish, Suchitra
Lyrics: Vaali

Impressing general listeners with this track is a tough task I would say. One needs some musical knowledge to get hooked to this. Most of the times, the music
is loud which makes the lyrics go unnoticed. Perhaps, visuals/song picturisation may do some wonders in getting music lovers' attention towards this track. However, there is a section of people (from general listeners) who is going gaga over this track. This is certainly not my kind of song.

Machi Open the Bottle
Singers: Haricharan, Mano, Naveen, Premji, Tippu
Lyrics: Vaali

Without a single doubt, this track is targetted for mass audience. It's a mixed of kuthu number and folk genre. One can't deny the fact that it resembles 'Saroja Saaman Nikalo' from Chennai 600028. After watching Premji's recent interview in Indiaglitz, it seems it's a deliberate attempt. He clearly told that they wanted to re-create the same 'magic' of Saroja Saaman Nikalo with this track. A beaten to death tune I would say. Having said that, fans will lap it up by turning the theatre halls into dance floors.

Vilaiyaadu Mankatha

Singers: Madhushree, Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Vaali

A slow poison indeed. I don't think this track can be categorised under melody genre. It gives pathos kind of feel by appealing to the listeners' emotions. Basically, the lyrics suggest that a woman doesn't really into the good or evil of a man she fell in love with. Must be a situational song and I strongly feel Madhushree could have put in some extra efforts in bringing the tenderness/sorrow the situation might require. I could be wrong as Yuvan should know better. Anyway, not to forget Yuvan's rendition in this song. Usually, he sings alone and him sharing space with others especially with a female singer makes this track quite special for Yuvan fans. His voice adds and contributes extra value to this number.

Balle Lakka
Singers: Karthik, Vijay Yesudas, Anusha Dhayanidhi
Lyrics: Gangai Amaran

Now, this is something that I fell in love in my first hearing itself. Very catchy and it is neither slow paced nor fast paced. My gut feelings say that this number will be popular among teenegers, thanks to the catchy lyrics and simple yet interesting usage of instruments. This song marks the debut of a singer, Anusha Dayanidhi, wife of Durai Dayanidhi, the producer of Mangkatha. She crooned this song very well, quite a gifted voice and I'm pretty sure she will go places after this.

Vilayadu Mankatha (Extended Dance Mix)
Singers: Anitha, Premgi Amaren, Ranjith, Suchitra, Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Gangai Amaran, Sucharitha (Hindi), Yuvan Shankar Raja (English)

This is the remix version of the title track. It's fast paced and has jazzy touch. The usage of the music bits from this track in latter part of the trailer was very apt. Liked it. Again, this track can be another possible candidate in night clubs, pubs or functions like wedding and birthdays.

Mankatha Theme Music - Instrumental

Whenever Yuvan involves in my Thala's film, theme music is the first I would look out for. As expected, Yuvan didn't dissapoint. This is his area of expertise. Once again, he proves why he's is the best in the current crop of MDs when it comes to theme music cums background scores throughout the movie. The flavours of Vilaiyaadu Mankatha can be felt here and there. It has all the potentials to be Ajithfans' and/or Yuvan fans' pick as their ringtones. In short, it's outstanding, magestic and thrilling. Loved it to the core.

It's crystal clear that Yuvan has balanced himself in satisfying quite a number of sections of people like Ajithfans mostly, followed by his own fans and then the general audiences. He has experimented and tried his best. The album is already a phenomenal Hit, therefore I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Yuvan and the entire crew who involved in making the album a great success. Congratulations!!! :)

In comparison with Billa

Since, Dheena remains the evergreen album when it comes to Ajith-Yuvan combo, I would rather not touch it. Personally, I enjoyed Billa songs, I mean every song in the album. But, I can't do the same for Mangkatha. I'm yet to 'gel' with a few songs like 'Vaada Bin Laada', 'Machi Open the Bottle' and 'Nanbane'. Maybe I need more listens and I might change my opinion, who knows.

Billa Theme VS Mangkatha Theme

Since it's Yuvan, I can't resist in comparing both the albums' theme musics. Billa's theme was mainly aimed for Ajithfans where it carries the 'gethu' feel throughout. Mass all the way.
Mangkatha theme music on the other hand can be enjoyed by everyone and anyone. It's more to a situational theme that discourses the storyline the director has crafted. It's kind of thrilling and thanks to the grand ochestrations.
So who is the winner? Eventhough I love both the tracks, the former slighyly wins by a hair.

In Comparison With Earlier Ventures

For Yuvan - Venkat Prabhu Combo

Chennai 600028 > Goa > Mangkatha = Saroja

For Yuvan - Ajith Combo

Dheena > Billa > Mangkatha > Aegan

My Rating - 2.5/5

Mangkatha - Strictly For AjithFans & YuvanFans

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  1. //I need more listens and I might change my opinion, who knows.

    surely you will change your opinion after listening all the songs more and more times... this is the best album for u1 and thala ...

    your review disappointing me more...