Monday, September 14, 2009

Dev D

Dev D - for new generation

Being son of a rich industrialist, the hero (Dev) sent to London when he was at young age. After several years, he returns home and to his childhood sweetheart (Paro). Misunderstanding happens and Paro is married off to an older man, a widower and a father of two. Dipressed Dev starts on different salvation methods - drugs and alcohol.

Thats when Lenny get introduced. A rich student who becomes an embarassment for her parents and later alienated by her family because of a MMS scandal. She runs away and Chunni, a pimp, gives her shelter. She transforms into Chanda (short forms of Chandramukhi). As Chanda, she becomes hooker at night and continue her studies at daytime as Lenny. Thats when Dev enters her life. Chanda eventually falls in love with Dev who is drowning his pain in Vodka.

Performances in the film are top notch. Abhay Deol is turning out to be quite a revelation. He hardly hams or overacts. Nor is he as muted and underplayed as he otherwise is. His is a balanced performance. Mahi Gill has the intoxicating eyes that can make a guy kick the bottle. On top of it, she acts wonderfully. Kalki does impressively fine for a newcomer.

Dev D will be talked for it's crispy, witty and straight-out-of-life dialogues. And the dozen or more songs that play out in the background during the course of the film give ‘Dev D’ the feel of a musical. The cinematography is mind boggling at times. The music is catchy.

Now, does the core plot seems to be familiar? ‘Dev D’ gives a new hue and tone to ‘Devdas’.
Infact, Dev D is an adaptation of Sarat chandra's novel Devdas and how Anurag brilliantly adopts the novel and also breaks it in his own ways...

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