Thursday, February 5, 2015

YENNAI ARINTHAAL - Oru melisaana kOdu...

A journey of a man from 13 to 40.

kOttukku Intha Pakkam (Positives)

- Neat narration. Intense scenes that build the crux of the story.
- Arun Vijay, will be remembered for his power-packed performance just like Jeevan (in Kaakka Kaakka) and Baalaji (in VV). His mannerisms as antagonist are awesome, he will go places after this.
- Trisha, as beatiful as ever. Anoushka, cute and bubbly. Both did their parts well. Vivek needs special mention, no unwarranted comedies, just nice and apt.
- Awesome DOP, looks like Dan has used natural lighting at most of the parts and the way he captured each scenes are poetry
- Protaganist's characterisation. The character is made to make mistakes just like anybody else, unlike typical Thamil movies where heros are always right and do the correct move all the time against villains.

kOttukku Intha Pakkam (Negatives)

- Typical GVM type of story telling.
    - Hero falls for divorcee
    - Honest Cops in a gang helping hero in hunting the villain
- Dialougues, very filmy and typical GVM style (Ex: Ingga itha naan solliyE aaganum, appO manasula athu thaan Odittu irunthathu, etc etc)
- Intense scenes (read: lot's of talkings, which may not go well with C centre)
- BGM, very noisy at most of the places. HJ should really consider outsourcing BGM in future

Thala Ajith
An run off the mill character and Ajith does it with ease. The role demands no extra effort, so no complain over Ajith's acting. He did what the role demands.
Hated his hair-cut through out the movie excluding the pre-climax onwards (with check shirt).
Having said all these, his sheer screen presence has swallowed whatever negative aspects we see in him at present (salt & pepper look, weight, short hair-cut).
Good to see GVM has written the story of Ajith as a character in it instead of a story for Ajith. Btw, as expected awesome dialogue delievery especially those English dialouges.
No others in the present generation could speak half of how Ajith delivers English dialouges (perhaps, Madhavan can).

Personally, I am not expecting all-in-all an action packed story with mass quetient. I have always maintained that I LOVE Ajith than 'Thala'. YA did give me that feel to a certain extent.
Really can't put this movie in any genre as it is a mix of action, romance and sentiment. Overall, YA has it's 'WOW' moments here and there. Nothing new story wise but the screnplay is applaudable.
It will do well and has potential to draw more family crowd and ladies especially. DEfinately not for typical Thalafans who expect 'gethu' scenes a lot but for those Ajithfans who would want to see a different shade of Ajith,
YA is for you.

As for me, this is what I think. kOttukku intham pakkamum illai, antha pakkamum illai. Let me be neutral as of now. Perhaps, I may need more watches which will happen in coming days.

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